Patchnotes 4.2.0a

Für mich persönlich unerwartet, musste so eben ein WoW-Patch heruntergeladen und installiert werden. Bei dem Patch 4.2.0a handelt es sich um kleinere Hotfixes. Hier sind die englischen Patchnotes:

Bug Fixes 4.2.0a

  • Using an instant cast spell right after a target dies should no longer re-target the dead target’s body.
  • Using an ability immediately after switching targets should no longer affect the previous target.
  • Resolved a movement error when jumping onto an object while experiencing a low frame rate.
  • Mac: Fixed a bug preventing shift and mouse wheel commands from registering properly.
  • Resolved issues that were causing client crashes near Beth’tilac in the Firelands.
  • Disconnecting while riding as a passenger in a vehicle should no longer cause an error upon subsequent login.
  • Entering a password with Japanese Hiragana selected as the keyboard type should no longer cause a crash.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the client to crash under certain conditions when minimizing the game client.
  • Items
    • The tooltip color for heirloom items has been returned to gold.
  • Quests
    • A move enforcement issue has been resolved that was affecting the death knight starting area quest Death Comes From on High.
    • Tarecgosa’s platform during the cutscene from Alignment (Elemental Bonds legendary quest) should now be visible before she lands on it.


Die deutsche Übersetzung der Patchnotes 4.2.0a auf

Endlich! Ich hatte oftmals den Fehler beim Sturmangriff, dass mein Ziel während des Charges auf das vorige zurück gesprungen ist. Hoffentlich gehört dieser Bug nun der Vergangenheit an.